Windows 8 PC Application

When it comes to building resourceful Windows 8 PC apps, nobody does it better than iQuest Media. We build fully interactive apps that enhance the user experience. Our team of certified Microsoft professionals has full command on the recent Microsoft Visual Studio tools that are employed for creating, debugging, coding, packaging, deploying, and localizing Windows Phone 8 apps.


We Build All Types of Apps

We undertake Windows 8, Android as well as iOS application development projects to meet the needs of different fields ranging from corporate business, social networking, entertainment, navigation, shopping, down to extensive browsing, gaming, and more.
Windows 8 has been gaining its fair share of popularity despite all odds, and the scepticism in the initial stages. If you’ve got a decent chunk of customers, who use Windows 8 platform, then it’d certainly make sense to invest on developing a great Windows 8 PC app for them.
Due to our proficiency in all these technologies and tools, we have been able to provide great services in this field, leading to improved user experience. Further, all the Windows 8 apps developed by us are interactive and clear, fluid and fast, and more importantly in tune with the cloud that offers the user the feel of remaining connected.

We Deliver
Cost-Efficient Solutions

We can assure you of simple and flexible application porting, easy-to-use app development tools, reliable and quick development of Android apps, an intuitive, feature-rich and open source platform, and above all, the pricing advantage!
In-depth technical knowledge has been our key to success in developing unique Windows apps. We design, develop, and deploy apps for various Windows 8 powered devices.

Custom Apps Tailored
to Your Specific Needs

We can build Windows 8 PC as well as mobile apps according to your specific needs, and our team of expert Windows programmers can ensure that you manage to connect to your target customers in the most appropriate manner.
Give us a call or shoot us an email with your Windows 8 development requirements, and we’ll do our best to convert those ideas into reality within a matter of just 2-4 weeks’ time.

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