Windows 8 Mobile Application

Windows Phone 8 may be a new entrant to the smartphone market, but it has been promising enough to take the market by storm. If your business relies on Microsoft technologies and you have a requirement for Windows 8 apps, we offer reliable and high quality Windows 8 application development solutions to meet your specific needs be it for the mobile or PC environment. We build customized Windows mobile apps in a cost-efficient manner.


Our Windows Developers Can Handle It All

Our Windows 8 mobile app developers possess the required technical knowhow, and they are well acquainted with the design intricacies to deliver high class Windows 8 apps. We also have the ability to handle small or large projects and the expertise to develop applications for Windows 8 tablets, mobiles, and desktops. The killer apps that the team at iQuest Media builds are not only cross-platform compatible, but also cross-browser compatible.

We Boost Your
Business Productivity

At the heart of Windows 8 are the apps that are immersive, full-screen and devised to function together, and permit search. We develop Windows 8 apps that are innovative, dynamic and enhance the productivity levels of business.


Our solutions for Windows Phone 8 application development include integration of CMS, CRM and e-commerce, client specific applications, navigational apps, productive apps, social networking apps, and Windows Phone 8 games belonging to various genres.
And, we have also built dozens of custom apps according to specific requirements of our clients according to their business needs. Above all, our developers have got sufficient experience in creating all kinds of apps, so you’ll never have to worry about the ugly bugs in the apps!
We provide obligation-free initial consultation, post which, you get to decide whether you’d like to hire our developers or not – simply no questions asked!
So, call us today to discuss your Windows app development needs with us.

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