.EDU Links Service

Tired of poor links hampering your website’s backlink profile? Has your site been penalized by Google due to low quality of links built over past few months? Well, it’s time for you to explore the goodness of powerful links from .edu and .gov sites.


It is a dream of every webmaster to get as many .GOV and .EDU back links as possible for their websites. But, it is nothing less than a painstaking job to build such powerful and authoritative back links in a safe and manual way. Let us first try to understand why are these back links so much in demand? Well, the reason is simple. Google loves such powerful back links because they always come from a respectful source such as websites of educational institutes, government organizations etc.

Stay Away from
Shoddy Providers

There are many link building service providers out there but there are very few who actually deliver manually built .EDU and .GOV backlinks for your websites. IQuest Media takes pride in being one of them who make sure you get sufficient number of such backlinks for your websites in as little time as possible.

Links Need to be Built
Over a Period of Time

We don’t promise to deliver you such backlinks over night or just in a couple of days. This is because it is a meticulous process to naturally build such backlinks. That being said, the end result is extremely helpful for your website or online business as .EDU and .GOV links not only instantly make your website very authoritative but also boost your search engines rankings, giving your website or online business much more exposure and visibility.

It’s Not Everyone’s
Cup of Tea!

One should know that only those Internet users who are either very well connected or are part of a government organization or educational institute may be in a position to build few backlinks coming from .EDU and .GOV domains. Others, on the other hand, only keep dreaming of such backlinks. As these are links are very rare, Google has one more reason to love them as the number one search engine knows there actually isn’t any black-hat method available out there to build such powerful and respectful backlink except comment spam.

We Can Show You
How It’s Done!

So, if you are looking for .EDU and .GOV links to give your online business a huge push or maximum exposure, you can get in touch with us to get the most trusted and natural link building services for .EDU and .GOV links.

What We Do (Key Features):-

  • Google loves authority links from .GOV and .EDU because they command respect.
  • High PR Authority Domains!
  • Every back link mix MUST have some .GOV and .EDU’s to look suitably diverse and authoritative.
  • Low OBL pages (outbound links) which are really high value.
  • Boost your website’s rankings.
  • Comprehensive reporting upon completion.

.EDU Links Service Packages:-

  • No of LinksPackage CostTurnaround Time 
  • 20 .EDU Links$357 Working days
  • 40 .EDU Links$6010 Working days