Our Creative Team

The iQuest Media comprises veteran web marketers, experienced designers, blogging enthusiasts, and some creative heads that leave no stones unturned in fulfilling the requirements of the clients.
Most of the folks have worked in the web design and marketing industry for at least 5+ years and majority of them are veterans with over a decade of experience.
Here’s a quick look at some of the important members of the team.
  • Founder & CEO

    Robin Gupta

    Experience8 years
    Robin Gupta is the founder cum CEO of iQuest Media who has been working in the web marketing field since 2005, and brings almost a decade of experience. He has vast experience in managing the SERPs, and online reputation of websites, and he has a deep understanding of constantly changing search engine algorithms.
    Robin has successfully managed tons of SEO, link building & web Design/Development projects over the years, and backed by his amazing knowledge, leadership and work experience in the industry, iQuestMedia delivers cutting-edge web marketing solutions to the clients.
  • Project Manager

    KK Patel

    Experience7 years
    K K Patel is a dynamic personality who manages even the most complex projects with great ease. He is responsible for delivering projects on-time, every single time, and he has seldom failed in doing so.
    He is a very capable leader who has terrific experience in handling team sizes of 20-50, and currently he’s working closely with iQuestMedia team to strengthen their team spirit, and assist the members in working together to put a collaborative effort.
  • Link Building Team Leader


    Experience6 years
    Deepak is in-charge of managing all link building campaigns at iQuestMedia, and he has extremely curious about understanding Google’s updates ever since the very first day.
    He loves his role in the organization, which is basically to oversee all link building activities, monitor the latest changes, and take care of deliveries of various projects, ensuring 100% client satisfaction at all times.
  • Blogging Team Leader

    Jasvinder Singh

    Experience5 years
    Jasvinder is an avid blogger, who has been blogging around since the year 2008. He takes care of the content creation & blogging process at iQuestMedia, and manages the team, and guides them throughout the projects.
    He is personally a pro-blogger and a multifaceted personality, and he loves working at iQuestMedia because he gets a chance to combine his passion, and ambitions, and do something interesting each day at work.
  • Head of Designing Team

    Bankim Kothari

    Experience6 years
    Bankim brings in over 6 years of industry experience, and he has assisted in creation of over 275 designs to date. With a creative head on his shoulders, Bankim ensures that all the designs delivered by iQuestMedia stand out of the lot, and never disappoint the clients.
    He is an expert at creating 100% responsive designs, and tablet-friendly websites that work like a charm on any mobile device.
  • Head Of Content Management Team

    Smit Sanghvi

    Experience6 years
    Smit lead the Content Management Team from the front, and he plays a vital role in organizing most of the stuff at iQuestMedia.
    He’s highly efficient in managing even very large campaigns, and he has been an integral part of the team since the very first day.