Our Business Model


Our Business Model & Infrastructure

iQuest Media does not believe in being fixed and rigid in its approach towards its customers, and we perfectly understand that the needs of all the customers are pretty unique.
We serve clients come from different industries, and varying sizes as well as requirements. This is the reason why we have multiple business models to accommodate all our varied clients, and serve them in the most customized and personalized way. Despite having multiple business models, we refrain from being blocked by stereotypes; even if some of our clients don’t belong to our pre-defined business models we accommodate them with equal enthusiasm through other options.
Take a look at the business models of iQuest Media and see what appeals you the most as per your requirements, needs and budget.
Fixed Price: We accommodate those customers here who are sure of what they want and all their requirements are pre-defined and they expect something precise. Our experts make the estimate of the budget needed depending on case by case. We believe in having one to one conversation and decide a budget for each of our esteemed clients.
Dedicated Infrastructure: Our customers who need a set of infrastructure including out staffs to work solely on their project as per their guidelines fall in this business model. We make sure our team dedicated to our clients work very closely and in sync with our clients satisfying them with each and every aspect of the project.
Evolving Projects:Many clients have unique ideas that continue to grow bigger and bigger with time passing by. In this case both resources and experts dedicated to the project keep changing due to varied nature of such projects.
Contact us for all your business needs, and see the difference we can make, to your business.